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Gym Fitness schedule

Fitness is a gradual process . Under normal circumstances , the first time people participate in fitness training will feel excited , especially when the effect of exercise come . It inspires passion and action of your training much. However, there are some people could not wait to put him into the gym intensive training, while ignoring the warm-up before exercise ; even overtraining often put himself exhausted , thus affecting the normal life and work. Advice: Fitness is a long-term project , do not dream of  becoming the idol in your heart one day .

2 . Before and after the training , two dining is necessary.

After waking up in the morning and training are two important periods your meal . While hard training , you need to increase nutrition, if you do not eat breakfast glutly , you will feel hungry later in the training. Breakfast should contain more carbohydrates and some protein . In addition , low-fat yogurt , milk and cereals are also good choices. After training, you should immediately eat , because when your body is in urgent need of supplying energy that has been consumed . Eating should contain carbohydrates, proteins , and water.

3 training should be diversified

It can make a balanced development of your bodily functions . Although aerobic exercise is good for enhancing endurance and cardiovascular system, not so good for the growth of strength and building up a strong body. Flexibility training does not only belong to women. Only the combination of a variety of training , can comprehensively improve the quality of the body.

4 warm-up , stretching is a prerequisite

Do stretching before training exercise,warming up before stretching. First, do 10 minutes of low intensity aerobic exercise, you can brisk walking , pedaling and so on. This can increase the body temperature for movement preparation , but also reduce the chance of injury when doing bigger intensity exercise . When the body tissue warming , you can do 5 to 10 minutes of stretching, especially those target muscle groups and body parts are going to use .

5 . Recovery ( rest ) is also equally important for training.

During training , the necessary recovery time can not be ignored . Because the body needs adequate rest to regain one’s fitness. As a beginner of training , do not do the high intensity training more than 4 times within a week. In the same training day , Do not repeatedly intense training  for same muscle tissue . If there is pain in the previous training, do not bite the bullet in the after training. You need at least 8 hours of sleep a day, enough sleep is good for your energy and body restored .

6 Do not repeatedly doing the same exercises .

Relationship with the body and the training is stimulate,adjust and adapt . If  repeat the action for long term , the body will be gradually adaptable, so that training will come to stagnation period . You should changing action or form constantly, in order to achieve the best sports results.

The differentiation of training method part 1,


1: Bench Press

2: Push recumbency

3: barbell curl

4: seated dumbbell curls

5: three birds

6: Lateral Raise

8: leg raise

9: fitness ball leg raise



1, the rest time focus in heart rate control

2, the weight is based on your feel,

3, After resistance training, immediately replenish simple carbohydrates (banana, honey, etc.)

4, After each target muscle training, stretching 15 seconds required

5,With injection of kigtropin for muscle growth.

6, After strength training, increase the complement of proteins


The differentiation of training method part 2,


1: chin-up

2: Sitting pull back

3: Steel wire pull-down

5: kneeling arm flexion-extension

6: Instruments leg squats

7: seated leg flexion-extension

8: supine leg raise

9: mat sit-ups

10: waist crunches

Usual diet, control oil, salt intake

The plan is two loops, Intermediate aerobics twice, then take a day off, Suggested timing measurements for your own body’s circumference, and don’t forget to record.

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Top 4 Must-Know Tips for Muscle Building

Muscle building is a process that takes massive effort, time and resources. Requiring patience, passion, commitment and consistency, the process of building muscles healthily requires a careful blend of good diet, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels, general exercises and muscle-targeted workouts.

Human Growth Hormone

Secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) promotes the synthesis of new protein tissues. It is deeply involved in muscle recovery (repair), which is part of the process of building new muscles. HGH also promotes the quality and duration of heart beats; boosts energy production, and enhances deep sleep. During intense workouts, longer periods of physical exhaustion and energy-consuming events, large quantities of Human Growth Hormone are usually produced, resulting in enhanced protein synthesis and muscle growth. To accelerate muscle building as a result of human growth hormone, muscle builders should opt for at least 7 hours of sleep every day because deep-enough sleep results in the production of large quantities of HGH as a deep sleep protection measure. Quantities of HGH in the body can also be increased through proper nutrition and supplementation.

Muscle Building Diet

The diet for building muscles should have a high calorific value. Experts recommend at least 2,500 calories per day. Secondly, the diet should contain at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight in order to boost muscle growth. Eating regularly and drinking plenty of water will also accelerate muscle growth. Thirdly, muscle building diets should include sufficient quantities of fat to help with the distribution of vitamins A, D, E and K, and make the skin healthy. Necessary fats include monounsaturated fats (such as canola, olive, avocado, sesame oils and nuts), polyunsaturated fats (such as cottonseed, corn, flaxseed and soybean oil) and Omega-3 fats (from omega-3-enriched foods and fish such as sardines, trout, tuna and salmon). The diet should also contain sufficient quantities of minerals and vitamins.

Exercise Guidelines

To maximize on the diet and build muscles quickly and effectively, it is advisable to warm up before doing any intensive exercises. Low-intensity exercises such as simple jogs will get the mind and body into the right state and prevent injuries. Stretching of cold muscles is forbidden because pre-workout stretching can cause poor performance and result in injuries. Muscle building exercises should be intense but run for shorter durations of time. For instance, daily training schedules should not exceed 45 minutes but should involve harder exercises and heavier weights. Moreover, the entire body should be worked out during routine exercises in order to enhance the generation of hormones epinephrine and nor-epinephrine, which will stimulate muscle growth. Therefore, routine workouts should include compound exercises such as dead-lifts, rows, squats and pull-ups in order to use many different muscles.

Cardio training should be limited because intense cardio exercises will burn amino acids and glycogen and limit muscle growth. When cardio exercises are part of a muscle building plan, it is better to keep them light and to include more food to make up for the lost calories. Between workouts, it is critical to have proper rests so that the body can recover. In fact, muscle builders should have at least 7 hours of sleep every night and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Muscle builders must also avoid the temptation to over-train. Over-doing exercise regimen can engorge body muscles with oxygen-rich blood and cause muscle wasting. Over-training is characterized by insomnia, strength loss, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, lowered sex drive, chronic soreness and depression, all of which are counterproductive to muscle building goals. Muscle builders should also find quicker and effective ways of relieving stress because the stress-related hormone cortisol can encourage the burning of muscle tissue.

Specific Muscle Exercises

Doing bench-presses routinely will help to build chest muscles while lifting weights and doing push-ups will work the triceps regularly and result in desirable muscle growth. Triceps can also be targeted with arm exercises such as dips, skull crushers and overhead dumbbell presses. Similarly, arm exercises such as individual arm curls with dumbbells, arm curls on weighted bars and pull-ups are effective for building biceps. The hamstrings and quads should be worked out with standard squats, Belgian squats with dumbbells and front squats with weighted bars. Likewise, abdominal muscles should be targeted with core exercises, planks and crunches (both oblique and standard crunches). The abdomen will define the muscles of the stomach and should be subjected to a variety of exercises.

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Why should increase muscle?

We eat scientifically , moving scientifically , it can cut down the flesh , congratulations ! You may temporarily lose weight , but if it stops this time , I am afraid to continue normal diet and reduce the movement of time, the rally will be plagued by troubles to you . Why? Or look at the formula bar. When your campaign reduces, the calories consumed per day is reduced , while the normal diet will increase the calorie intake. The intake of extra calories where to go out? Look at your belly fat cells it is expanding ……
You may ask, I can not eat those fat loss things every day, right? Or rather, I work very busy , ah, can not spend three or four hours every day doing sports ! This …… First of all, to be honest , in fact, one hour a day exercise is a very reasonable thing, most of us failed to realize that this problem, every day says no time to reject the sports . Secondly , we should talk about how it might be possible to reduce the chance of a rebound . You know, The same muscle mass calories consumed per day, is much greater than the consumption of fat , while the same volume of muscle mass will be less than the volume of fat. This is clear, increase the body muscle content , can substantially maintain a healthy body , based on energy metabolism improving daily , to prevent fat rebound. This is what we have to increase muscle on the basis of reduced fat.
Some girls will be very scared , increase muscle ? Increase muscle then I become a big man ? ! It turns out that not everyone can become a big man , even it might not be a day like this . In fact, the real health of the muscles make girls look more symmetrical lines and more attractive . as for boys, needless to say , is not always a bad thing to increase muscle points.,kigtropin hgh is a good solution.
This theoretical work is almost ready , so two summarize :
1 )If you want to lose fat,you should control diet while increasing exercise , so that the intake of calories is less than the calories consumed ;
2 ) In order to reduce the possibility of a rebound , after the fat loss but also strength training to build muscle .
Begin our practice ,the next two chapters introduce my sports experience and eating experience , please refer to.
2 , exercise plan
As previously mentioned, the body in order to successfully lose excess fat as possible while enhancing the body’s metabolism , after reducing the chances of a rebound , my entire exercise plan is divided into two sections increase muscle and reduce fat . Among them, the fat loss will be the focus of my presentation , and there will be a corresponding increase muscle recommendations .
1 ) Fat Reduction
In fact, reduced-fat movement basically refers specifically to reduce fat aerobic exercise, called aerobic fat loss exercise, is in the process of movement, be able to get enough oxygen to supply fat burning, to provide heat and reduce body fat . Common aerobic fat loss exercises includes: running, swimming , elliptical machines , bicycles , aerobics, hip-hop , yoga …… and my fat loss is to use a phased running, elliptical machines and swimming in different combinations to achieve stability rapid weight reduction purposes , which when running most major sports , the other two as jogging supplement.
Why run ?
Compared to swimming, running more secure , compared with elliptical machines , treadmills is more convenient, do not look for a gym,when you wanted to run ,there is a sportswear , changing a pair of shoes can run out ; compared to bicycles , running is cheaper, a pair of running shoes costs three or four hundred dollars only, relative than hip-hop and aerobics , running is simpler , not so much of the action needs to learn compared to yoga, running more intense , fat loss results will come faster. That said, I think we know the reason I chose to run as a way to reduce fat .

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With the “HGH ” , really grow taller ?

Recently, CCTV ” Weekly Quality Report ” exposed some doctors treat growth hormones as miracle cure, to let young people eager to take for heath growth . Growth hormone can let the children grow taller ? Yesterday , ” Chinese Children’s bone age grading method ” created man , authority on children’s growth, hospital chief expert Professor Ye Long said growth hormone is a prescription drug , to go through a professional medical diagnosis then can use , and GH Only applies to some children, the blind use is unsafe .


CCTV reported , nine -year-old Jill is short. Mom seen description of the growth and development of children in a family clinic on the internet, said it had successfully increased height for 100,000 teenages,then decided to go and see with Jill . Doctors do not require either growth hormone stimulation test , there is no blood to determine whether he was suffering from growth hormone deficiency , let the parents pay the costs, direct use of growth hormone therapy.


Children don’t grow taller, parents are most anxious , but accidentally fell into the non-standard medical institutions and distributors trap. Professor Ye Yiyan said that he had had a admission with Huan Huan ( a pseudonym ), diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency , growth hormone therapy is recommended . However, parents hesitated, Instead of credulity of others,taking a ” growth factor” and more than a year , spent more than 20,000 dollars, has no effect. Finally , parents bring Huanhuan to Ye Yiyan , obtained regular treatment effect .


Ye Yi Yan said that children of short stature is a disease , we must conduct a comprehensive examination of growth, endocrine specialist , a clear cause , to determine the safety , systemic therapy and regular observation. In recent years, child’s growth retardation , increased the phenomenon of growth track deviation , 3% in Mainland China accounted for the total abnormal little children , of which only about 30% get professional treatment . Recently, Beno hospital in Changsha primary and secondary schools in a two census ,abnormal dwarf 4.2% rate in primary and secondary schools 7.5% , yet a person for professional treatment .


Many mothers have questions , if the child is suffering from short stature , or slower growth than their peers ? Ye Yiyan advice is to go to professional hospital to check,, including checks accurate bone age and endocrine examination , etc., in order to determine the child’s growth problem , sit idly by , or feel free to use growth hormone, are wrong. And some on the market with “growth factors” brand of health products, in his opinion is purely speculation.


So, which children need growth hormones? Ye Yiyan said that the consensus is as below ,growth hormone deficiency , congenital ovarian hypoplasia , low birth weight , idiopathic ( unknown cause ) short stature , etc. these problems is needed for early detection and early treatment